About Wics

Women In Cyber Security (WICS) is an initiative by RedTeam Hacker Academy which envisions a more diverse cybersecurity workforce by empowering women representation in the field. In 2016, the founder and director of RedTeam, Mr. Jaizal Ali launched this great initiative with an aim of making a meaningful impact on the women representation in the cybersecurity industry. “We need a more diverse cybersecurity workforce which can bring about more diverse perspectives and innovations. In fact, women are more able to contribute powerful and creative viewpoints and perspectives than men which can play very crucial roles in the growth of an organization. It is high time to fill this existing talent vacuum in the cybersecurity industry and we are playing our part for that”. Says Jaizal Ali.  Nationally and internationally recognized leading female cybersecurity experts like Sneha Rajguru and Parry Afthab came forward offering their support for the initiative.  

The journey of WICS so far has been very successful which could mark a milestone by its remarkable influences on the entire cybersecurity industry in Kerala. WICS has conducted many events all across Kerala within this short span of time with internationally recognized female cybersecurity experts as guests and thousands of participants.  “it makes us really happy and proud that our activities could attract and nurture the best women talents in Kerala and give the inspiration and courage for many girls out there to come into this industry” Jaizal Ali adds.

Wics Community 

Journey of Wics Community Kerala

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To bring fabulous Subject Matter Expertise and initiate community activities.


Our Vision

To make a global platform for peer women community to upskill and share knowledge, showcase the infosec skills and to make a cyber awared culture