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Twitter Hacking news

Did you guys here about Twitter Hacking and Threats ?? Are you not— like most of us are—shocked to hear the news that the twitter accounts of prominent figures like Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Joe Biden? The news came out last Wednesday on the hacking of the twitter accounts of high-profile people.

The hacking was a manipulated one to cheat people to donate money through some link. What does it say about cybersecurity threats? No doubt, it is increasingly becoming one of the major concerns of today’s

fast-moving cyber world. As some of the major news channels revealed, the hacking was engineered as a coordinated attempt by accessing the internal tools and system. Apart from serious worries raised against the twitter platform and its security concerns, the attack has brought the cybersecurity world, more than anything, into serious discussion.

Cybersecurity has now-more than ever—become the hotbed of debates. Nevertheless, we are still waiting to hear more about the specific details regarding the hacking, the issue is raising important apprehensions about the possibilities and dynamics of cybersecurity.

Twitter Hacking and Threats in Cyber Security

Implications and after-effects of the hacking 

Now, it is our turn to think more detailed and critically about the implications and lessons of the incident. 

• The major implication would be regarding the increasing threats to privacy the world

faces on several grounds—not to miss, in the cyber world.


• This makes us think more about the significance of cybersecurity concerns. The sheer

number of prominent accounts shows how big is the security issue, especially with the most

popular and routed social media platform like Twitter.

• The incident is the biggest and most notorious in the history of Twitter to date. 

• According to Twitter support, the incident “successfully targeted some of our employees

with access to internal systems and tools”. This again, underscores how the hacking aimed

malicious access to their internal system, which is a serious breach of privacy.

• The incident also holds broader implications in the political context since the country

(United States) is on the doorsteps of the election. Many argue that hacking was mainly for

political manipulations.

Let us keep the cyberspace safe and secure

Now let's get into the more important step. What are the Dos and don’ts to keep the cyber

platforms secure? 

• Expect similar attacks often, as experts in cyberspace security are now increasingly

reminding us to do.

• Cybersecurity professionals also suggest having very frequent cybersecurity audits to

make sure the digital platforms are secure and not spam.

• Particular focus and training should be given to the cybersecurity professionals in dealing

with scams and hackings of this kind. 

• Keep an eye on your social media account security settings and make sure you update the

passwords frequently. 

• Always beware of external and unsecured apps that might pose serious and hidden threats

to your social media accounts. 

The basic idea is to keep efforts towards spreading awareness among people. In a fast pacing cyberspace world, every single move we do is under severe security threats, as the incident proved. Staying alert and acquiring sufficient knowledge and training is the first step towards cybersecurity.

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